Четвертая часть отсюда.

Nagahide and Irobe meet up to discuss the recent events. Some people are trying to get the skull back, but so far no-one seems to have located Nagahide’s apartment and it’s still safe. Irobe makes a big announcement: he thinks the skull is Oda Nobunaga’s. Nagahide is pretty surprised about this, but they continue to make plans on how to proceed. They mention Hakkai, one of the members of Uesugi yasha-shuu. As he departs, Nagahide shows Irobe a modern greeting, a low five.

Kase is alone at Regalo, his arm still in the arm sling. Some calls, immediately telling Kase to return the skull. Kase tries asking who it is, but the caller hangs up, leaving him sighing and swearing to himself.

Natsu shows up, energetic as always. He asks how Kase’s wrist is, saying he heard from the boss that he hurt it falling in a staircase or something, commenting it’s not like Kase. Kase says things are inconvenient with his hand in that condition. Natsu is symphathetic, and offers to go bathe with him at the sento and to wash his back for him. Smiling, Kase agrees.

Natsu mentions he had a stage test earlier that day, for the drum. Kase asks how it went, but apparently Natsu failed it and doesn’t seem very hopeful about the future. Kase encourages him, saying there will be more chances. Natsu is surprised, and thanks him before rushing off to change into his work attire.

Next, Minako walks in, dressed in a wedding gown. Kase seems a bit unsure, but starts a conversation telling her the look suits her. Today is the last day Minako will be playing at Regalo for now. Kagetora apologizes to her about last time, telling her he said a bit too much back then, bows down and repeats he’s sorry. Minako tells him it’s okay and in turn apologizes for making a weird conversation back then. Kagetora asks her if she would like to continue playing at Regalo after all, saying chief Shigyou and everyone would be glad if she did. He now thinks her playing isn’t half-hearted either. Minako asks if she wouldn’t be a burden, and Kagetora goes on to tell her it’s Regalo’s policy to give chances to new people, whether they are students or professional, asking her to forget what he said earlier. When Minako asks, he confirms that all this is something he himself believes as well. Minako seems happy, but notes that there’s quite a big difference to what Kase is saying now and before, making him apologize again. Minako didn’t mean to blame him though, and says she’s happy if she could be of use at Regalo. Her happiness seems to fade when Kase mentions Marii, though.

They talk a bit about music. Minako has learned to appreciate jazz at Regalo, but she’s still a classic pianist. And I’m not sure about this, but I think that’s why she turns down the offer to keep playing there, leading Kagetora to invite her to come back anyway, next time as a quest. As he tells her to enjoy the last stage, she asks him for some kind of a favor and he agrees.

Next one to walk in is Marii, also in a wedding dress. Kagetora asks her about her condition, and she says it’s fine, sounding quite reserved. Turning away, Kagetora tells her not to push herself too much, and Marii, apparently grateful that small sign of concern, thanks him.

The chief shows up, greeting everyone and telling Natsu especially to get to work. Walking up to Kase, he tells him to take it easy with his broken hand and says today he will help with the drinks - starting with making a drink for himself. We also get to hear he has a nice singing voice from the few lines he sings: “love me tender, love me sweet”.

While they talk, Marii suddenly collapses on her knees. As she is feeling weak, the chief, Kase and Minako take her to the back room, leaving Natsu to prepare the bar. After checking that he is really alone, Natsu hurries to make a phone call. As his ‘aniki’ picks up, Natsu tells him he has done what has been asked, and that no-one has realized anything. He mentions Kase, and cuts the call short, and quickly inspects the area behind the counter.

Customers start coming in as they open the bar. With Marii in no condition to sing, Minako is going to play on her own and asks Kase to listen. The song is a dramatic one - Chopin’s “Kakumei”, says the chief, and Kase repeats the name out loud for himself. (The English name of the song is Revolutionary Étude, and you can listen to it here.)

In the middle of Minako’s performance, three loud thugs walk in and try to order beer. Natsu tries asking them to quiet down, but they insist on being served. In the background, Kagetora tells Minako to continue despite the disturbance. Natsu, on the other hand asks the customers to leave if they can’t be quiet, sparking their anger. Suddenly the thugs recognize Natsu. They had wondered where he had gone, and are surprised to find him working in a place like Regalo. Natsu snaps at them to keep quiet, but they don’t, saying Natsu was Shinonome Jirou’s favourite underling (“shatei” in the yakuza slang).

Kase interrupts their taunting and laughing and tries asking about Shinonome, but the thugs ignore him. Natsu has been quiet for a while, but when one of the thugs approaches him again, he punches him. Kase says something to calm him down, but Natsu flips and starts fighting the thugs. He’s winning against the three guys, but eventually Kase grabs him and the chief shoves a bottle of alcohol to one of them and tells them to get lost.

Kase asks Natsu if he knows Shinonome Jirou. Natsu tries playing dumb, and Kase raises his voice and tells him not to dodge this. Natsu insist he doesn’t know him and walks away.

Meanwhile, Minako finishes the song. Only one customer has stayed to listen and applaud. Minako is disappointed to see Kase isn’t there anymore. Suddenly a strange feeling assaults her head, and she feels something is weird with her body. At first she thinks it’s the dragon from before, but it’s not. She screams in pain. At that time, the lone customer suddenly takes out a charm and chants a sutra, saving Minako. They exchange a few words, but he doesn’t reveal his identity, only mentions the Takeda before giving Minako a charm and taking his leave.

To be continued...

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